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  • Day Reporting
  • Tracking
  • Drug Testing 
  • Mentoring
  • Community Service
  • Diversion
  • Electronic Monitoring
  • Community Partner


"I'm happy with my results with Owens and I would refer it to other people who are having a downfall in their lives because I believe this program could help them."

8-7, M-F for Omaha and Lincoln

8-5, M-F for all other offices

9-5 S, S for Omaha
9-6 S, S for Lincoln



for past years award winner​Success Stories!

Diamonds in the Rough Scholarship

"With all the negative influences in life, it is easy for a young male to be caught up or coaxed into doing wrong.  But being in a positive environment, such as Owens, can redirect a young person's life.  I strongly believe that if an individual sets goals and takes the approprate measures to reach them, they will achieve them."